Ramseys Steak and Grill Delivery - Tulsa
2606 South Sheridan Road
Tulsa, OK, US, 74129

Restaurant Hours

Tuesday thru Thursday 03:00PM - 08:00PM

Friday 02:30PM - 08:00PM

Saturday 03:00PM - 08:00PM


 Online Ordering, Delivery/Later Orders, Carryout, Payment Questions and Answers:


Cooking & Delivering Amazing Food in Tulsa Since 1990!


Residential Delivery Orders have have to be placed 10 minutes before closing time.

Monday -Thursday 3pm to 9pm

Friday - Saturday 3pm to 10pm


Within an hour before closing we have a limited delivery area due to the high volume of orders we recieve and for the safety of our drivers may require a credit or debit card for an order. You can always pick-up your order if you are outside of our delivery zone, we are fast!

   The online delivery hours have to be set at 10:30pm/9:30pm in order for the system to take a delivery order before we close. 


We are trying to reach more Tulsa customers so we have an extended delivery zone up to 9.00 miles!



 If you are not placing an order at www.RamseySteak.com or through 918-619-6161 then it is a third party service that we are Not affilated with and cannot gurantee your order(not to mention they upcharge all the menu items).

Online Ordering

Question: I want a customized or subsitutuion option that is not listed Online.

Answer: Due to the high volume of orders and the large menu we offer, we ask customers to pick from the options given so that orders will be correct and delivered hot to your door.

Any special instruction box online is for Apt  info, business info or hotel info for your driver to arrive quick at your door.



The Chef & cooks are not able to see what you write on your online order, any special instruction box or name box is made for your drivers instructions and prints off on their delivery ticket before they head out the door. 



Question: Did my order go through online?

Answer: Check your email for a confimation Email and Order #. This will ensure your order is being cooked and on its way!  


Question: My Order wil not go through Online, what's wrong?

Answer: Check if  we are open, if  you are in our delivery zone or if your order meets the minimum for your area, we may not deliver in your area if it to close to our closing time or the weather is getting bad.


Question: The map shows I am in a different zone but it wont let me put an order for that area.

Answer: The map on this website is provided by google and does not give an exact representation of the zones or areas we deliver to. We go by exact distances and the map gives more of a broad area of zones. You can call us or

go to the find us tab to see the exact distance you are from us. Depending on how late it is we generally stay under 7miles throughout the week on delivery. 


The only other problems would be the exact address was not put in correctely or the addresses used for your credit card were not typed in correctly.


If you put your credit card in wrong too many times, then your bank may secure the amount of money due to online secuirty protection.

This money is not sent to us, it is in your bank and usually returns withing 1-3 business days (depending your bank).


 Question: Can I change payment type after placing an Online Order?

Answer: Due to secuirty for us and for you, after an order has been placed online it can not be changed on delivery or carryout. You will have to call us and cancel the order and place a new one.


Question: I want to place an order for later or a holiday special for later, what do I do.

Answer: Our Later option will almost always be avaliable before 2:30pm. During shift the online system does not take later orders for the same day. You can order by phone if you would like to place a later order.


Question: What time will i receive my later order/pre-order?

Answer: If you place an order for an exact time we usually deliver within 15 minutes before or after time. If you place an order for the exact time we open up for the day then you can expect the order within an hour or less.


Payment & Delivery

Question: Can your driver break $100.00?

Answer:  Due to the safety of our drivers we carry no more than $20.00 on us.


Question: Who do you deliver to?

Answer: Homes, Apartments, Hospitals or your work!

We do require a $30.00 subtotal food order on all Hospital orders and that you place before 9:00pm. This is due to the time requirement it takes to deliver the food order, find all of the customers on the split orders and mainly because it is outside of our late night delivery zone.

Question: How far do you deliver?

Answers: We deliver about 7 miles from our location. Delivery radius may vary during storms for the safety of our drivers.

Please call by phone if you have a catering order that is beyond this distance.


Question: Can I place order for a later time?

Answer: Yes! If you want to place an order before we open for a later time in the day you can simply click the later option to pick a desired time.


Question: Cash or Credit?

Answer: We accept both! We may require a credit card on large first time orders, late night orders, pre-orders, orders close to closing times (if you have not ordered before), or hotels.



Question: Do we have to get our food delivered or can we pick up?

Answer: You can order food online or by phone and come pick it up (2606 South Sheridan Road, 74129).


Question: Do you offer Dine in?

Answer: Our older locations use to have dine in but the updated locations only offer pick-up or delivery.


Question: How long does a normal carry-out order take?

Answer: Under 15 minutes!