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Friday thru Saturday 03:00PM - 10:00PM

We have implemented a few new practices to keep everyone safe and so they can have ease of mind while enjoying a delicious dinner delivered.

🎒All of our delivery bags will be wiped down with disinfectant on every single delivery order.
👩‍🍳As usual our chefs and drivers will wash their hands with soap, use disposable gloves, sanitize all counters and prep tables before preparing any new order.
🚗When ordering through us you can rest assured we do not use any 3rd party company to deliver our food. All of our drivers are in house, employed by us and will follow our strict guidelines mentioned above.
👪 Tulsa Family Owned & Operated. Cooking & Delivering Amazing Food in Tulsa Since 1990!
👋 You can place an order before we open using the Later Today option
🚗 Any Delivery Charge is not a tip paid to your driver.
💵 Drivers carry less than $20.

💻Online Specials--Specials below can only be redeemed by placing order through this website unless stated otherwise.

Large Funnel Cake

Large Funnel Cake

Every Wednesday get our Large Funnel Cake for only $6!

Special Available by phone or online!

California Chicken Dinner

California Chicken Dinner

-Order Online or By phone-

2 Grilled chicken breasts chopped on top of a bed of Grilled Broccoli Florets, Cauliflower and Carrots. (Vegetables grilled in light butter garlic sauce).

Includes: Salad, Baked Potato & Garlic Texas Toast.

Garlic & Herb Tilapia with Dessert

Garlic & Herb Tilapia with Dessert

*Online Special

Our Natural-cut Tilapia Filets are seasoned with garlic, herbs and Fried to a beautiful golden brown.

Dinner Includes:

2 Tilapia Filets
1 Baked Potato
1 Side Salad
1 Garlic Toast
1 Choice Dessert
Tartar or Cocktail Sauce & Lemon Wedges.

Special Price Seafood Add On's When You Order This special. Click on Order to see what they are!

*Limited Time*

Steak Potato Dinner For 2

Steak Potato Dinner For 2

*Online Special

Delicious chunks of flame grilled Rib-eye steak, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed onions, butter, sour cream, shredded cheese, chives and bacon bits packed into our delicious slow cooked stuffed potato!

Special Includes:
2 Steak Potatoes
1 Appetizer
1 Dipping Sauce

*Special can only be redeemed by placing order through this website.

Smoked Ham Steak & Dessert

Smoked Ham Steak & Dessert

-New Online Special-

18-20oz Hardwood Smoked Center Cut Ham Steak Dinner and your choice dessert!

Special Includes:
*Smoked Ham Steak (18-20oz)
*Choice Dessert
*Side Salad or Country Coleslaw
*Garlic Toast
*Baked Potato or choice side

Gluten Free*

Porterhouse Steak Dinner

Porterhouse Steak Dinner

*Order this Special by Phone or Online!

This is a steak lover's dream!

This huge Prime age Black Angus Porterhouse(26-28oz) is two steaks in one; full-size buttery-tender Filet Mignon on one side and robust N.Y. Strip steak on the other.

It is so big we deliver it in one of our catering trays!

Dinner includes:
Salad w/ side dressing
Garlic Toast
Baked Potato w/ Side butter and sour cream

👉Order this special Online to take advantage of our 3pc Jumbo Shrimp for $3.29!

We have a limited amount per night and this special may not be available by the end of the night!

T-Bone Steak Dinner

T-Bone Steak Dinner

-Order by phone or online.

This amazing 20oz-22oz steak is a tenderloin filet on one side and the other is a top loin which is better known as the New York Strip Steak. You can't go wrong ordering a T-Bone!

Includes:Baked Potato, Salad & Garlic Toast

--->Order this special Online to take advantage of our 3pc Jumbo Shrimp for $3.29!

We have a limited amount per night and this special may not be available by the end of the night!

Chopped Steak Dinner For 2

Chopped Steak Dinner For 2

*Order By Phone or Online

Dinner Includes:

2 Black Angus Chopped Steak Topped w/Sauteed Onion (14-15oz each)
2 Baked Potatoes (Side Butter & Sour Cream)
2 Side Salads (Side Dressings)
2 Garlic Texas Toast

---> Order this special online to take advantage of one of our add on specials!
*Seafood Add ons
& More!

Limited Quantities per night so hurry!

Country Coleslaw

Country Coleslaw

*Limited Time

Simple blend of red and green cabbage, shredded carrots and a premium, country style coleslaw dressing.

We mix our Coleslaw daily!

Served in 8oz cup.

Smoked Ham Steak Dinner!

Smoked Ham Steak Dinner!

-Order by Phone or Online-

18-20oz Hardwood Smoked Center Cut Ham Steak Dinner.
Includes Salad, Baked Potato and Garlic Texas Toast

Gluten Free*


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