Ramseys Steak and Grill Delivery
2606 South Sheridan Road
Tulsa, OK, US, 74129

Delivery Hours

Monday thru Friday 04:00PM - 10:00PM

Saturday 03:00PM - 10:00PM

Closed. Have a Happy Easter! We are closed on Sundays, be back open on Monday!

Salads---All salads come w/ side choice dressing. Cesars come hand tossed with dressing.

Garden Salad

Garden Salad

Iceburg lettuce, Croutons, shredded cheese, green peppers,carrots, purple cabbage & a couple of tomatoes on top!

Gyro Salad

Gyro Salad

Our specialty Salad is packed with juicy Gyro Meat, iceberg/romaine lettuce, carrots, purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese & croutons.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

Juicy grilled chicken over Monteray & Colby jack shredded cheese, Iceburg/Romaine mix, croutons, shredded cheese, carrots, purple cabbage & cherry tomatoes!

Side Salad

Side Salad

Perfect for adding on to a meal or someone who is a light eater. Ice burg/Romaine mix, carrots, purple cabbage and a cherry tomato.


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  • Delivery Area Coverage

    $2.00 Del Chrg up to 3 miles. (7 miles Max)

    Our waiters receive half of the Del Chrg for gas, please reward them for preparing & delivering your order! Delivery time is under 45 minutes.
    We cook to order, busy hours & weather may vary on our online delivery time given.

    If you want a customized option on your order that is not listed then please place order by phone. Thank you!